We’ve shared our Zoom Etiquette so you can know what to expect if you are on a Zoom call with our team. We encourage you to read and share this etiquette if you think it will be useful for your teams.

Whether it’s a Zoom Room, a Google Hangout or an old fashioned Skype, video calling is now firmly part of our working life. But we know these calls can be tiring, especially if you are running back to back sessions.

Since Lockdown our teams have collectively spent 44,628 meeting minutes across 384 different meetings! So we’ve put together a list of considerations that we as a team try to practice internally and externally with any calls we have. This is what you can expect with us:

The Escaping Gravity Zoom Etiquette

1. It’s OK to look away. Focusing on the screen can get tiring, so don’t worry about looking away from time to time. It helps your eyes and lets your brain process thoughts and ideas.

2. Gatecrashing Kids are OK, you won’t hear us swear so if they need to come in, that’s cool.

3. Nothing says productivity like a cat on your keyboard. We don’t mind seeing your cat, or hearing your dog barking. We draw the line at snakes, though.

4. No picture, no problem! It’s OK if you are having a bad hair day and don’t want to come on camera. We can chat like we used to do on the telephone!

5. Watch what you share! Just check your screen, desktop and tabs before you share screens. We don’t need to see your shopping list or snoop on your emails.

6. Don’t Zoom with your mouth full. If you need to juggle a Zoom call with breakfast, lunch or dinner then carry on! You can switch your camera off but just remember what your mum told you!

That’s what we’ve got so far. What have we forgotten?

The Rise of Zoom & Zoom Etiquette

Zoom has been one of the breakout stars of this global pandemic. Since late March, searches for ‘Zoom’ have rocketed past more established competitors including Skype, Teams and Hangouts.

The number of searches for Zoom Etiquette remains comparatively small (700 searches a month) but huge compared to the 10 searches a month the keyword was receiving in December of last year.

As a challenger brand in our own right, we have seen huge value in Zoom calls. Gone are the hours of commuting for a one hour meeting, in are quick Zooms with the team, Coffee & Zoom and more traditional meetings and presentations. We’ve even been to a Llama farm on Zoom!

We expect Zoom to remain a key part of our SEO Consultancy moving forward and hope to see you on a call soon!