Summary: A Reddit user has spotted search results (like you’d see on Google) in YouTube. This could be a glitch, or a trial to expand the search presence into the world’s second largest search engine. It could be something, it could be nothing but we’ll be watching!

Web search results are appearing in YouTube results normally reserved for videos on the platform. The example we have seen is for a very specific term ‘open beer with a knife’ which could be classed as a question more than a search. The rise in questions, and their associated answer boxes are a rich seam of opportunity for search results and it makes sense to see this crossover.

Search results appearing in YouTube results

With over 2 billion global users, opening up search results to YouTube could offer a massive boost to challenger brands looking for exposure and traffic. It may also appease the disquiet about the rise of ‘no click searches’

For now, we will file this as an interesting opportunity and watch for any announcements.