SEO keywords are something talked about non-stop within the organic search industry. But for those not familiar with the term, it can be confusing how these ‘magic’ words can help aid your business and its growth. We’re sharing the lowdown on keywords to make them a little less bewildering. 

What Are Keywords in SEO?

SEO keywords are particular words or phrases used in your content that match consumer search queries. A search query is what someone searches within a search engine like Google, for example someone looking to feed their pet may search ‘dog food.’ If you own a pet food company this could be a good keyword to optimise for. 

How Do I Find SEO Keywords?

Finding keywords requires putting yourself in the shoes of the consumer. Think about what your business offers and what problems your products solve. Once you’ve identified these, think about what you would search to find a product like yours. Whether you sell pet food, or carpet cleaner, you want your keywords to be relevant. There would be no point in a carpet cleaner company talking about pet food or vice versa.

Once you’ve got your basic keywords down, you can use commercial tools like SEMrush to help you identify other words and phrases that are also related to your business and products. Many words go through trend patterns, this is something we can see on Google Trends. For example, many e-commerce businesses saw SEO growth through lockdown with search volumes for items such as dumbbells peaking massively in March. So identifying the relevant keywords with the right search demand is essential for your business’s SEO success.

How Important are Keywords in SEO?

Keywords are vitally important for SEO. Google’s bots still love text and therefore making sure you have the right text on your page is necessary. If you sell pens but your whole website talks about holidays to Majorca, Google is likely to get confused and rank you for the wrong keywords (if any at all). To get those high positions on Google you need good SEO copywriting targeted at the right keywords.

We Know SEO Keywords

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