SEO Copywriting

Successful SEO Copywriting only needs to do three things:

  1. Appeal to Google
  2. Reflect the Brand
  3. Convince & Convert the audience

If it were as simple as 1,2,3 then we’d all be at the top of Google. But only one listing can be at the top, so how can we increase the potential with SEO copywriting.

First, we need to realise that SEO copywriting is only one part of the overall picture. As an SEO Consultancy we produce high ranking SEO copy every day, but only as part of the bigger SEO strategy, not a standalone service.

Second, we need to understand where copy sits in the SEO mix. Great copy is no good if the site is slow, or the signals are too weak. Equally, a site that is technically good for SEO will not succeed without great SEO copy. Contact us if you want to learn more about how we help challenger brands achieve high organic positions (and the traffic and sales it delivers.)

What is SEO Copywriting?

SEO Copywriting is the art of writing copy that appeals to both Google (and other search engines) and the consumer. It is a combination of art and science!

What to Consider for Good SEO Copy

As we’ve already mentioned, good copy is one that appeals to Google and the reader alike. It needs to push the key signals for your target keyword(s) but also read well and support the user journey to conversion.

Additionally, Google prefers content that is ‘easy to read’ which we can associate with a Flesch-Kincaid reading score of around reading age of around 60-70. That means the SEO copy is  easily understood by 13-15-year-old students. This sometimes means we need to use less technical terms and shorter sentences, and break up the text with headers and breaks. Writing for a younger reading age does not mean we need to ‘dumb down’ our copy, it just means we have to choose our words and phrases wisely.

How many Words do I need?

You need at least 600 words to best present the SEO signal. Remember that your visitors will read the content of the page, but Google will read the code of the page. Not enough copy and the keyword signals will be lost in the code. Whilst there is no upper limit for copy, you should consider reader experience and if long content could be transformed into multiple pages with different themes.

What Good SEO Copy is NOT

Successful SEO copy is not Keyword Stuffing. For any page of copy we need to ensure sufficient presentation of our target keyword or theme without over using the same phrase. This would be considered stuffing which could be penalised by Google and make for a poor read. Our team of expert SEO copywriters know how to weave just the right signals into your page.

How we can help with your SEO

Escaping Gravity delivers Global SEO for challenger brands. We deliver high growth ROI for a roster of awesome challenger brands. From hearing aids, to sneakers, airpod cases our copy sits atop many valuable search terms. Get in touch if you would like to know more about SEO copy and how it works within our client strategies.