SEO Consultancy

We are an SEO Consultancy focused on driving profitable growth for challenger brands. We work with a global client base supporting their expansion across international markets including the USA, UK, France, Germany, Austria and Australia.

We have a strong track record in driving profitable growth for challenger brands in competition with better funded, more established competitors.

Our Approach to SEO

Every SEO consultancy we undertake is:

  • Clearly defined & agreed
    Transparent – we share what we are doing and why
    Internal –we don’t offshore your work
    ‘White Hat’ – all our work is legitimate SEO practice, we don’t take risks with your site or your brand

Our goal is to increase sales from organic search as a result of your investment in our SEO consultancy.

Focusing on the right Metrics for Success

Our SEO consultancy projects start with a focus on the right metrics. We believe that true success is measured by an increase in traffic, transactions and revenue from organic search. We call these hard metrics.

The growth of traffic and transactions cannot happen without first improving the softer elements including Domain Authority, Search Positions, Impressions and Link count. We call these soft metrics.

The 12 Essential Components for SEO

From over 20 years of SEO Consultancy we believe there are twelve key components to SEO success. Each component is made up of many different elements that make up a profitable SEO strategy. We believe that success comes with a balance of all components. Focusing too much investment in one area, for example link building will not achieve the same results as this balanced approach.

Talk to us if you would like to know more about these components.

SEO Consultancy Services

We support our clients with a ‘hands on’ consultancy service, tailored to each client. As part of our SEO you can expect support with:

  • SEO Strategy
  • SEO Audit (Content & Technical)
  • Optimisation of existing content
  • Research & creation of new content
  • Technical recommendations including site speed improvements
  • Measurement & Reporting of KPIs
  • Link Encouragement

SEO Case Study: BirdSong Analytics

In 2010 we launched BirdSong Analytics. We, the co-founders of BirdSong Analytics and of Escaping Gravity identified a gap in the market for a ‘Pay as you Go’ social analytics platform. Between them, our two largest competitors had over $30 billion in funding. This budget, combined with a different price point meant we couldn’t compete with paid search budgets. With over a decade of SEO Consultancy experience in house, we focused on outsmarting and outranking the competitors in organic search.


By the Spring of 2018, BirdSong Analytics had customers in over 120 countries. We had thousands of small customers and plenty of global brand names. Almost all of them had found us from organic search.

Let’s Chat!

If you’d like to know more about what we do, and how we do it, please leave us your details in the form below. We can then schedule a time to chat. We won’t share your personal details with anyone else and you won’t be joining our mailing list.