Black Friday is one of the most important times of the year for retail sales. It therefore becomes one of the most critical times for our challenger brands to achieve high organic positions.

In this article, we have collated some information on Black Friday, some stats on the importance for retailers and provide some considerations for making your brand visible in this key period.

What is Black Friday?

Traditionally, Black Friday was the time after Thanksgiving that retailers offered discounts and shoppers spent lots of money. The true, or correct history is up for to debate but you can read this article for more of the historic background.

Over the past decade, it has become a bargain shoppers dream in the UK and the USA. For many it highlights the start of the Christmas shopping season. A day where you can take advantage of the endless list of retailers offering crazy discounted prices for one day only! It is now classed as one of the biggest annual shopping events in the UK.

When is Black Friday 2020?

Black Friday will be the 27th November.

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving Day on the fourth Thursday of November. Thanksgiving is the 26th November,

Why is Black Friday Important to Retailers?

Black Friday can account for as much as ⅓ of all annual retail sales so it is crucial our clients get it right.

  • reports that compared to a normal sales day, online traffic increases up to 220% on Black Friday with up to a 240% increase in revenue.
  • Barclaycard, also stated that 2019 was an “outstanding” Black Friday compared with 2018. Transaction value was up by 16.5%, with the volume of transactions up by 7.2%.
  • In 2019 Black Friday shoppers spent $7.4 billion online, the second largest Internet shopping day ever, according to data compiled by Adobe Analytics.
  • The average order value per consumer, at $168, was up nearly 6% and set a new Black Friday record. This raised the year-on-year digital growth for the period to 43 percent
In general retail e commerce continues to outpace overall retail growth (14.1% online vs. 4.0% overall).
In 2020, we expect a combination of much unsold stock (from retail lockdown) and bargain hunting shoppers to make this sales period absolutely crucial for retailers.

Adobe 2019 Holiday Shopping Predictions 

Black Friday in Search

In the United States, searches for ‘Black Friday’ peak in November with around 450,000 searches a month.
The UK is not far behind with 301,000 searches a month.

To put this into context, ‘sneakers’ will get around 380,000 searches a month in the USA, trainers would get 110,000 searches a month in the UK.

There are many variants of Black Friday search terms, from ‘black friday deals’ to more specific product searches such as ‘AirPods Black Friday,’ as well as informational searches like ‘when is black friday.’

Interestingly, we can see that keywords that include the year have more searches than non-dated searches, so ‘Black Friday 2019’ has a search volume of 550,000 in the US.

So it seems that people are trying to make sure they are delivered relevant content when searching during this season of deals. In fact, we can already see from Google Trends that ‘black friday 2020’ is already starting its upward trend even though we’re still a way out from this year’s discount period.


How to harness SEO for Black Friday Success

Like a dog at Christmas, SEO should be for life not just for Black Friday. But if you just need to get your site ready for Black Friday then consider these five tips:

1. Plan Ahead & Implement Early

Changes you make on the site may not instantly appear in the Google search results. Depending on the health of your site and recent activity, it could take a few weeks or more to see movement in your SERPS.

2. Dust off any 2019 Black Friday pages and give then a refresh.

You may already have a 2019 page that hasn’t seen much attention lately. Start by checking this page and giving it a refresh – considering updating the dates to 2020 and ensure you have a data capture option for any early visitors.

3. Match Relevant Keywords to Search Demand

Most of the search results for ‘Black Friday deals’ are editorial articles talking about overall trends in Black Friday or highlighting the best deals online.

We should therefore consider more relevant search terms that match your brand to the consumer searches.
Ensuring your site is SEO’d for Black Friday

With the exception of seasonal terms like ‘Black Friday’ we would not expect to see a wave of new search phrases. Instead we will see a spike in demand for existing phrases.

Take some time to find the right phrases and ensure you have content to match.

4. Watch Your Metas!

Meta Titles and Descriptions have not been SEO signals for many years. But they still remain important to the SEO process. Remember these are the hooks that a user will see in the listings. With a myriad of search results on any one page, you want to ensure that your listing is the most attractive.

5. Call Us!

There is no ‘quick win’ for SEO but there could be some quick wins and long term opportunities that can deliver real value to your brand and bottom line. Collectively we’ve been doing SEO Consultancy for over 25 years and working with many retailers to support their SEO for Black Friday and throughout the year. Drop us a line and we can set up a Zoom to chat.

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