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The startup Challenge

Every startup has to break barriers in order to succeed. These may be a lack of funding, a competitive market or an untested entrepreneur.

We call it ‘Escaping Gravity’


Setting the right trajectory

To escape gravity you need to be on the right trajectory.

We can help you identify and stay on the right trajectory for growth. Harness our services to start growing today:


What We Can Do For You

Escaping Gravity is a ‘hands on’ consultancy helping the next generation of startups.

We help startups identify and maintain the right trajectory for success.

Created by one of the UK’s most successful digital entrepreneurs, our services include consultancy, mentoring and investment.


Our ‘hands on’ approach provides the toolset you need to grow. Hire us to complement your skills & aims.


The goal of a startup coach is to help grow the company and the entrepreneur.


Benefit from over twenty years of digital marketing excellence. 


Benefit from our global profile and connections. We can help you identify and fast track the connections that will make a difference. 



Hearing Direct

Jamie’s consultancy has been invaluable, supporting Hearing Direct’s organic marketing growth both here in the UK and in the USA. His experience of growing successful companies proves an invaluable resource, giving us additional perspectives on our trajectory.

From Our Founder

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In 1999 I co-founded one of the UK’s first digital agencies. With no funding we grew the business to a £12m exit within 10 years. We then co-founded a social analytics platform, growing from an idea to sales in 120 countries.

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